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There’s more to Hogs Bottom products than sandwiches and cream teas ..

With a variety of flavours and textures our chutneys are an excellent addition to sandwiches, baguettes and paninis complimenting a variety of fillings beautifully but it does not stop there. There are so many other ways to enjoy them, you can

Spread them onto fresh fish or meat and grill or bake in the oven
Stir them through a selection of seasonal vegetables and roast
Add them to your stir fry near the end of cooking
Put a spoonful in sauces and gravy
They also make excellent pasta sauces stirred into hot and cold cooked pasta
Our flavoured vinegars add zest and flavour to seasonal salad vegetables and are equally as good used as a marinade. Use them to coat meat and fish, leaving them for an hour or so before putting under the grill or throwing on the BBQ.

If you fancy the savoury taste of bacon without the meat add our Bacon Flavoured Relish to your meals. It is equally as good on burgers and sausages and for a real bacon flavour hit why not add a dollop of Baconnaise.

Explore the exciting new flavour of black garlic in our Black Garlic Chutney either straight out the jar or mixed with soya sauce, lime juice and chilli to create a superb dressing.

Not forgetting our sweet products, the jams, marmalades and curds. Amazing spread on toast and scones they are an excellent addition to many cakes and desserts. Try warming a spoonful of jam or curd and pouring over ice-cream or stir into natural yoghurt.

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