Top 5 Chutneys For Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching, making now the time to start looking for the appropriate chutneys and preserves in preparation for the festivities. We produce a wide variety of preserves, but we wanted to highlight the greatest choices for your Christmas celebrations. Our chutneys will undoubtedly add a zing to your cheese board and serve as the ideal accompaniment.

Based on our top reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest chutneys for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Jail Ale Chutney

Jail Ale Chutney

Enjoy the almost caramel flavours of slow cooked apple and onion with your cheese, which is heightened by the inclusion of Jail Ale made locally on Dartmoor. Customers describe it as the “best chutney ever,” with a “well-balanced flavour.”

Christmas Chutney

Christmas Chutney

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a spoonful of this decadent chutney. This delicious chutney, recognised as a ‘wonderful chutney’ among our customers, combines the classic flavours of cinnamon, citrus peel, and cranberries to make it an ideal accompaniment to cold meats.

Mango and Chilli Chutney

Mango Chutney

Our Mango Chutney is a delightfully tangy and sticky chutney that our customers claim “goes with anything.” The richness of ginger, garlic, chilli, and mango flavours complement the spicy flavours of many savoury foods.

Devon Chutney

Devon Chutney

Our famous Devon chutney has a great flavour, and our customers believe it pairs well with ‘cheeses and meats.’ This tasty chutney is softly flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, and is complemented by the presence of whole mustard seed. It also goes quite nicely in a ham sandwich too!

Westcountry Ploughmans Chutney 

Our Westcountry Ploughmans Chutney, as the name suggests, pairs exceptionally well with breads and cheeses. Deliciously sweet, this chutney combines fruit and vegetables to produce a lightly spiced and midly sweet chutney accented by brown sugar.

Westcountry Ploughmans ChutneyExplore our whole range of chutneys here.

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