A Guide To Perfect Summer Picnics

Preparing a Foolproof Picnic – Hogs Bottom Preserves

As we approach summer, many are looking to take their meals outside for some much needed vitamin D. Picnics seem the ideal choice. Hailed for their simplicity, preparing a picnic can be anything but. Unsure of where to begin? Avoid picnic panic with our guide to success below.

Setting the Scene

Whether at the beach, park or the patch at the end of the garden, each picnic needs the perfect set up.

Blankets are a picnic staple. While many people use rugs or quilts for outdoor decor, blankets with a waterproof bottom are best when eating in the Great British outdoors. One or two are perfect when sprawled across the sand or grass.

If eating at a picnic table, such as in the garden or park, blankets can double as table cloths, or even as a place for kids to play.

Best for in the garden or park, cushions add an extra layer of comfort, and are great when hosting larger picnic parties.

Foldable Chairs

Take the comfort one notch higher with foldable chairs. Ideal on damp or uneven ground such as beaches, foldable chairs are easy to carry and many now come with extras, including cup holders and tables.

What time of day you hold your picnic can dictate the mood. Want a relaxing, al fresco dinner? Why not head to the beach with a few friends after work? Want to make the most of the warm weather? Try a family day out in the park.

Picnic Food

What food you decide to bring can be the make or break of a picnic. While it can be tempting to show off your culinary skills, the simpler the better when it comes to picnics.

Why not make the most of the Great British summer as the weather warms with an afternoon tea? Sandwiches are ideal. Not only can you make a variety of fillings, but their small size means that they’re easy to carry to the picnic location. Plus, with sandwiches you can leave the cutlery at home.

We all know that after sandwiches come the scones in a classic afternoon tea. Why not treat your picnic party to our Cream Tea Hamper with Devon Strawberry Jam? Hampers come with handmade strawberry jam, four scones and clotted cream. For only adults allowed picnics, why not opt for our Cream Tea Hamper with Prosecco? Prepared by us, no fuss, and delicious!

Top Tips
Bring two containers to your picnic; one for food and one for drinks. At the end of the picnic, one can double as a waste receptacle.

Beat the boredom by bringing games for the kids to play. A bat and ball is perfect, and it won’t take long for the “big kids” to join in.

Avoid ant invasions by packing wet wipes to clean mess and hands.

Now, pop the prosecco and get tucked in!

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